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We strive for excellence every day we are on the water and we want to deliver a fishing experience unlike any other for our charter guests on every trip. The boats we have available to charter are built to be serious fishing platforms with plenty of comfort and extra amenities. Whether it is a day trip or a live aboard traveling around the islands, our boats and crew are ready to show you the trip of a lifetime and make everlasting memories.

Picante Cas Abou
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Sandy Ricky
Picante sunshine anchored
Picante Running

Boats Available from Fish Downsea Charters:


A beautiful 60 foot custom Precision Sportfishing Boat, Euphoria is a fish raiser that is sure to stand out anywhere she goes and better yet, catch fish anywhere she goes. With top tournament finishes with our crew on Euphoria as well as plenty of charter days under her belt with us, this is a boat with a crew that will show you and incredible time on the water.

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The Crew of Fish Downsea Charters:

Captain Ricky Wheeler

With so much time and experience on the water fishing for just about everything that swims so many places in the world paired with a pure passion for fishing and being on the water, Captain Ricky Wheeler is one who will be sure everything about your experience with Fish Downsea Charters is something you will be talking about for years to come. It has been and will continue to be his life's work as the owner and operator of Fish Downsea Charters. Whether he is at the helm as the Captain or in the cockpit as the mate, his enthusiasm is infectious. Fishing is supposed to be fun, and that is something Captain Ricky Wheeler never forgets.

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Sandy DaBreo

Sandy DaBreo is a true waterman. Grenadian longliner by trade, he has become a great asset in the cockpit of any sportfishing boat with Captain Ricky Wheeler. With his 'Eagle Eyes' you will be sure you won't miss a thing when you're out on the water with Sandy. Mellow, relaxed, yet enthusiastic, he is so much fun to fish with and Sandy works hard to make catches happen.

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